Morning Update: A Pop Music Civil War

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Morning Update: A Pop Music Civil War

Protester clashes in Hong Kong, the Taylor Swift/ Scooter Braun dramatization discussed, Aziz Ansari returns. Your BuzzFeed News newsletter, July 2. View Entire Post ‘ Read More …

I’m Squarespace Chief Creative Officer David Lee, and This Is How I Work

Squarespace, in enhancement to funding half the podcast market, is the conventional front runner for developing a professional-looking internet site without being an expert. We spoke to among the actual experts, the company’s chief creative policeman, regarding his …

Read More … Why Taylor Swift is so upset regarding Scooter Braun getting her old songs Taylor Swift has claimed that she is” depressing as well as made out “regarding star manager Scooter Braun acquiring her old songs. Braun apparently got Big Machine tag in a $300 million sale, which consisted of Swift’s initial 6 albums she left in 2018. “All I co.

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