Davos 2020 Closing Concert – Voices of Light | Davos 2020

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Join vocal musician Harry Yeff, additionally called Reeps100, as well as participants of the London Contemporary Voices Choir on an immersive sonic as well as aesthetic trip that checks out the capacity of the human voice as an allegory for its limitless opportunities for much deeper connection with others.

Audio speaker:
Nico Daswani – Head of Arts and Culture, World Economic Forum

Harry Yeff – Artist and Director, Experience Design, Reeps100 Studios
Bringing a new global viewpoint to the human voice. Creator of Reeps100 Studios; ARS PRIX Electronica chose musician as well as prize-winning musician based in London. Proficiency in singing musicianship as well as experience style has actually created an on-line global following, rendering over 100 million on-line sights. Artist residency at Harvard University and currently component of the Experiments in Art and Technology program at Bell Labs. Has displayed globally, from the Museum of Art and also Design in New York to the Tate Britain in London, in addition to Milan, London as well as Tokyo Design weeks, SXSW, Miami Art Basel, and also Sundance film event.

The World Economic Forum is the International Organization for Public-Private Cooperation. The Forum involves the primary political, service, other and social leaders of society to shape global, local and also market programs. Our team believe that progression takes place by combining individuals from all profession that have the drive as well as the impact to make favorable adjustment.

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