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Current: Tom Petty, Emerson, Focus, One-Eyed Doll, Beth Hart, Jessica Wolff, Serenade, and assesses for upcoming releases by L.A. Guns and also Dante Fox. You can additionally get this as an audio podcast (links below).
0:15 – Tom Petty.
1:49 – Emerson.
2:24 – Focus.
3:12 – One-Eyed Doll.
3:43 – Beth Hart.
4:07 – Jessica Wolff.
5:03 – Serenade.
5:23 – L.A. Guns “The Missing Peace”.
6:24 – Dante Fox “Six String Revolver”.
9:28 – Credits.

Composed articles:.
Beth Hart:

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This episode was held by Matt and also Heather, and included narrative by Greyskarn The Black. It featured the complying with tunes:.
Pipeline Choir – “Ignite To Light”.
Eidetic Seeing – “It’s Brick Out”.

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