Faouzia & John Legend – Minefields (Official Music Video)

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Directed by Kyle Cogan
Generated by Emma Buerklin
Supervisor of Photography: Justyn Moro
Manufacturing Company: SIMIAN.LA

Manufacturing Manager: Joshua Rowen-Keren
Head of Production: Zack Stauffer
First Assistant Director: Cody Burdette
Second Assistant Director: Robert Main

First Assistant Camera: Octavio Estrada
Second Assistant Camera Day 1: Jen Pawlowski
2nd Assitant Camera Day 2: Amber Lane
Drone Pilot: Mike Yutkin
Airborne Camera Operator: Mila Yutkin
Cam : Justin Stacks

Gaffer Day 1: Pierre Habib
Gaffer Day 2: Albert Gonzalez
Best Boy Electric Day 1: Justin Sadler
Finest Boy Electric Day 2: Mike Villa
Trick Grip Day 1: Pablo Ruff-Berganza
Trick Grip Day 2: Gerardo Paz
Best Boy Grip Day 1: Michael Moore
Finest Boy Grip Day 2: Angel Villareal
Swing: Marco Gonzalez
Hydrascope Operator Day 1: Steve Miller
M7 Remote Head Tech Day 2: Garrett Dunn
Hydrascope Techs: Adrian Santa Cruz, Jesse Hinojosa Jr

. SFX Coordinator: Scott Harrison
SFX Techs: Dan Fetterly, William Rolick, Shane O’Ragalliag
Manufacturing Assistants: Leah Butcher, Jacob Falberg, Olivia Hytha, Linden DeGurian, Manny Liotta, Sara Kulas, Spencer Shipman, Beau Clarke
BTS: Trenton Barboza, Jason Pundt
BTS Edit: Trenton Barboza as well as Spencer Shipman

COVID Compliance Officer: Frankier Orr, Bluedoor
COVID Compliance Officer: Wendy Fisher
COVID Compliance Assistant: Aline Estrada
Set Medic: Bluedoor, Steph Mock
Location: Alejandro Prado, Rob Frank, Max Stockstad
Rigging Grips: Chris Keli, Victor Barrera, Antonio Saldivar
Trailer Drivers: Mathew Clark, Sergio Vargas, Mike Green, Pedro “Pete” Gomez
Watercraft Captain: Chris Papajohn
Water Truck: Chip Nissen
FSO: Raymond Padaoan

Faouzia Hair: Josh Liu
Faouzia Makeup: Samia Ouihya
Faouzia Styling: Rachel Haas
Faouzia Management: Tim Jones and Samia Ouihya

JL Grooming: Ron Stephens
JL Makeup: Darcy Gilmore
JL Styling: Dave Thomas, Matteo Pieri
JL Management: Taina Nieves, Whitney Collins

Head of Post Production: Logan Powaski
Modified by Kyle Cogan
Colored by Loren White
VFX Artists: Kyle Cogan, Logan Powaski, Logan Hennessy, Julian Clark, NOA Graphics Studio

Commissioner: Andrew Reid, Atlantic Records
APG: Emily Simon
Supervisor Rep: Jen Herrera of Las Bandas Be Brave

Many Thanks to Alan Gordon, Chapman Leonard, CAM Lighting & Grip, Camera On Wings, Accurate Staging, Special Effects Unlimited, Sunset Supplies, Wheelhouse, Bluedoor, Bonelli Park, Dunia Films, Dadco, and Layout Locations.

Currently this may be a mistake
That I’m calling you this late
But these dreams I have of you ain’t real enough

Started raising the past
How the points you enjoy do not last
Although this isn’t reasonable for both of us

Perhaps I’m just a fool
I still belong with you
Anywhere you, anywhere you are

These minefields that I stroll with
What I run the risk of to be near you
These minefields maintaining me from you
What I take the chance of to be near to you
Near you

I didn’t see what I lost
Up until all the lights were off
As well as not understanding what you’re up to hurt me

Now this could be an error
We’re barged in numerous ways
Yet I’ll piece us back together slowly

Perhaps I’m simply a fool
I still belong with you
Anywhere you, anywhere you are

These minefields that I stroll with
What I take the chance of to be near you
These minefields keeping me from you
What I risk to be near to you
Near you
Near you

Currently this could be a mistake
That I’m calling you this late
These dreams I have of you ain’t actual sufficient

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