This Week in HUDL Music News – April 2021 – Week 4

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What’s up HUDL Music Fam! We missed you! We’re back with a brand-new episode of This Week in HUDL Music News!

This week, we wan na talk about SEX. Yup! Sex.

Sex as well as songs have constantly fit like peanut butter and also jelly. Also a few of the earliest tunes have had some risky innuendo that would make lots of a listener grip their pearls. Nonetheless, with the surge of the independent musician and the leisure of restrictions on web content, is too much sex in music ever enough?

Songs like “WAP” from Cardi B and also Meg Thee Stallion and also “Montero (Call Me by Your Name)” by Lil Nas X have actually lately obtained the music world up in arms regarding whether tracks like these are crossing lines. Chloe Bailey of Chloe x Halle fame, in addition to H.E.R. have all determined to up their attractive with their most current launches as well as social media content, leaving some questioning whether skill holds any longer weight in the market or if songs only sound comparable to the musician looks.

Some have suggested that in a globe where most individuals are still handling stress from the Covid-19 pandemic, cops cruelty, mass capturings, as well as extra, that sex is the last point on any individual’s minds. It’s been noted in a New York Times article that while “living under the continuous hazard of contagion has a way of killing your libido … a track devoted to Black wish debuted at No. 1 and also accumulated a record-breaking 93 million streams in the United States in its first week of launch” (certainly of “WAP”). The success of “WAP” really spoke to the general public’s ability to multi-task where, in such a way, the exact same enthusiasts of the tune would spend their typical intimate time outside in the streets objecting versus weapon physical violence and also police brutality.

These overtly sexual sort of tracks appear to have done little to improve the libidos of their listeners and have actually mainly ended up being meme-able songs to produce TikTok dance video clips to. BRS Kash’s “Throat Baby” has all the cringe-worthy verses that would make your grandma cry, however instead of in fact performing the guidelines contained in the song, followers developed a dance challenge that offered the record a significant boost in its streaming numbers.

According to a January 1st research study from researchers at Rutgers University and the University at Albany, men as well as females between the ages of 18 as well as 23 had considerably much less sex than the young grownups who turned up 10 years before them. They believe that this is because of “decreased alcohol consumption, social media scrolling, increased video game playing, and young grownups coping with their parents for longer durations of time.”

Bear in mind, also the most sex-related tracks still can’t compare to some of the most adeptly crafted tracks of our time. According to Rolling Stone magazine, just 2 of the top 10 Greatest Songs of All Time are really about sex; “( I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction” by The Rolling Stones and “What ‘d I Say” by Ray Charles, both of which had the most humble sex-related lyrics according to today’s criteria. For what the tracks did not have in discreetness, they definitely made up for in musicality, showing that you can do both at the same time, which we’re seeing artists like Chloe Bailey, H.E.R., and several even more doing right now.

That’s it for This Week in HUDL Music News! We’ll see you next time with a new episode! Peace!
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